Supergirl – Kara will debate revealing her secret to someone new

At the moment on “Supergirl,” there is just a small handful of people who know the truth about who Kara Danvers really is, and they’ve been the people who she certainly needs the help of in order to protect National City. We’re speaking mostly here about the likes of the DEO, or Winn and James at CatCo. At one point Cat Grant was close to figuring it out, but she used Hank Henshaw in order to pull a stunt on her and convince her otherwise.

Ultimately, though, at least one more character could figure out Kara’s secret by the end of the season, and that is something that Melissa Benoist talks about further in EW:

Kara will debate revealing her secret identity to someone new in an upcoming episode. “It is this ethical dilemma,” Melissa Benoist tells me. “Also, it’s a really big risk to trust someone with that, because if people were to find out that she was Kara Danvers, and her civilian life were to be ruined, the possibility of having any semblance of a normal life at all is gone. That’s a big struggle.”

Source: EW