Supergirl Season 2 – More on Maggie!

The second season of “Supergirl” is coming to The CW a little bit later this fall, and new characters is going to be one of the ways in which it separates itself from the first season on CBS.

One of them will be the show’s presentation of the Maggie Sawyer character from the comics, who could end up being a valuable asset to Kara and her entire team. Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg does refer to her as an “ally,” as she works for the Science Police, an organization who helps to take care of anything on earth that is out of the ordinary. However, at the same time that doesn’t mean that she wants to eradicate non-humans from the earth by any means:

“We’ll be bumping into Maggie a lot, and questions of jurisdiction will be coming up … Maggie is a strong proponent for alien rights, which is going to be [a theme].”

Unfortunately, Kreisberg failed to comment on one thing that has been heavily rumored for some time: Whether or not Maggie could be a love interest for Alex Danvers. There have been reports that either this show or “The Flash” will bring on a new LGBTQ character beyond Maggie, but nobody has made it clear to date precisely who it is. That is something that we’ll have a larger chance to explore when the show actually premieres. To us, it doesn’t quite matter so much who the character is so long as it makes sense and is compelling to watch.