Supernatural: Episode 11.21 – Rob Benedict on big Chuck conversation

On this past episode of “Supernatural,” we had a big reveal that really was a long time coming, and something that really was not much of a surprise to anyone: Chuck is in fact God. It’s something that fans have speculated about for years, and apparently, it’s something that actor Rob Benedict has known about for some time.

Speaking to TVLine, Benedict made it clear that he was originally told by show creator Eric Kripke back in the fifth season that Chuck was God, which means that he’s carried around that secret for an awfully long time. The actor also opened up about when Sam and Dean are finally going to learn the truth … and it’s going to be soon:

“We have to have a little sit-down, because I’ve got a lot of explaining to do. My whole thing is going to be, first of all, convincing them that I am God and not just Chuck being weird. The other part of it is just getting them on board with me and what our job is going to be, what the obstacle ahead of us is.”