Supernatural Season 12 – A wide array of enemies loom large

Last season with “Supernatural,” we’d argue that it was pretty darn clear who the primary big bad was in Amara. Who’s going to argue with that? She is the who caused the most chaos, and while she eventually came around in the end, it was certainly rather touch-and-go there for a while.

Given that we’ve already heard that season 12 will be somewhat smaller in scope, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the showrunners this year are not trying to give you one prevailing villain to span the entire season. However, don’t take that as any evidence that Sam or Dean is in any less danger. As a matter of fact, executive producer Andrew Dabb hints to Entertainment Weekly that when the dust actually settles, there is a good chance that they could be in more danger than ever before:

“At the beginning of the season, Lucifer’s still out there. You’ve got the British Men of Letters, and you’ve got a couple other players … It’s less Sam and Dean having to go up against one enemy and it’s more Sam and Dean, especially as the season progresses, feeling they’re surrounded by enemies, some of whom may be people they have viewed as allies up until this point.”