Supernatural Season 12 – Are there any meta episodes coming?

Nobody does a meta episode quite like “Supernatural.” and that is something we’ve seen evidence of time and time again. If we were to go through the annals of some of our favorite episodes from the past several years of the show, the likes of “Baby” and “Fan Fiction” would be high on the list. This is a series that knows at this point what fans like, and they are absolutely not afraid to make some wink-and-a-nudge references to them here and there.

So will we be seeing something as out-there for the upcoming 12th season? It’s possible, though at present it does not seem like anything is in the cards for now. In speaking on the subject per Entertainment Weekly, show executive producer Andrew Dabb made it clear precisely what the philosophy is on doing these sort of “event” episodes that play around with the form and do something that is a little bit beyond the typical mold:

“You never want to do something conceptual that you’re not going to knock out of the park … That being said, we have some things that are totally different. We’re working on [an episode] right now that is a little Reservoir Dogs-y. [It’s a] non-linear, interesting approach to a story we’ve never done before.”

Any chance that this show has to play around with concepts and ideas is something that really should be celebrated at this point. There are only so many ideas that are still out there, after all, so anytime you come up with something new through eleven seasons to date, it really should be celebrated.