Teen Wolf: Season 5B – The Real Enemy

TVLine spoke with star Tyler Posey about the episode’s dark twists, as well as what’s still to come in Season 5B, but first, a quick recap:

After Parrish discovered Lydia lying unconscious in the woods, he brought her to the hospital, where her poor, unknowing mother had her relocated to Eichen House; Liam roped Mason into helping him search for an M.I.A. Hayden; Stiles managed to save Sheriff Stilinski in the nick of time by tracking down the chimera who poisoned him; and Argent, thanks to a call from Scott, returned to kick some Dread Doctor fanny.

TVLINE | Who’s the real enemy in 5B?
The main enemy is definitely the Beast. It’s been cool because we had all of 5A to build the anticipation for this Beast of Gévaudan character. The Dread Doctors had been teasing it, trying to make a success, and they finally did. The Beast is, by far, the scariest antagonist of the season. The Dread Doctors and Theo are still threats, but they’re more in the shadows. Parrish is also kind of a nemesis; you’ll find out his connection to the Beast, and we don’t really know whether he’s good or bad. There’s also that band of chimeras, but Scott really isn’t intimidated by them, and neither is his pack.

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