Teen Wolf Season 6 – On the story ahead and possible Tyler Hoechlin return

Tyler Hoechlin is clearly going to be a rather-busy guy this fall thanks to his upcoming guest stint on “Supergirl.” With that being said, though, this role is meant to be reasonably finite, and there is always a good chance that he could move on to do some other things afterwards.

Could his future include “Teen Wolf” and a return to playing Derek Hale? It’s an exciting proposition, especially since this is the MTV show’s final season coming up, and in theory you’d like to see him have another chance to step into the spotlight. For the time being, though, this will remain a mystery. Neither Hoechlin nor creator Jeff Davis would confirm or deny talk of a return to TheWrap, though Davis said specifically that if Tyler was ready to come back, the show would welcome him.

If you want to get a little bit more of a specific tease as to what to expect from the story, here’s what actor JR Bourne had to say about what could be coming:

“I can tell you most definitely that things happen. Trust me, I wish I could tell you everything because I’m terrible at keeping secrets. 6A is going to be one of the best seasons so far because of what we’re going to be dealing with, especially with Scott and Lydia and that gang. I think it’s going to be one of the most — not difficult to watch, necessarily — but they’re (viewers) going to be engaged with the outcome.”