The Flash Season 2 – Killer Frost help Team Flash take down Zoom?

Will Killer Frost help Team Flash take down Zoom?

Since we know the team will seek help from an unexpected place — and the promo revealed the icy villainess to be with them on their mission to save Barry — I would say chances are good, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be very helpful. “If Zoom kills your partner, would you really be that quick to defy him?” Danielle Panabaker says. “I’m not sure that she’s going to be their best source of assistance. It’s tough for her. It’s Zoom and Zoom’s scary to everyone, even if you’re a villain and working for him. Clearly he doesn’t have any qualms about killing anyone who angers him, which makes him even scarier. For Killer Frost, it continues to terrify her. Zoom is no one to be messed with.”

Source: EW