The Flash Season 3 – Barry Allen in his happy place

Can you believe that we’re only a matter of weeks away now from the premiere for “The Flash“? This is a show that ended with one of the most EPIC cliffhangers known to mankind, so it goes without saying that we would be excited and then some to see what the third season brings.

Of course, it won’t be the same EXACT story that you remember, with Flashpoint being the real reason for that. Barry Allen has gone back to change his future, and at first, he may think that he is at the happiest point in his life because of that. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg notes that Barry could feel like his new world, which includes both of his parents alive rather than dead at the hands of the Reverse-Flash and Zoom, will be a reward for all of the pain and suffering that he has went through since the start of the series.

The bad news for Barry is that this good fortune of his will be fleeting, since sooner or later he is going to have to deal with returning to the normal world. There’s not a firm timeline as to when just yet, but it is something worth watching out for.

There are two other things of interest worth noting from this interview. First and foremost, Kreisberg notes to the website that John Diggle of “Arrow” will be one of the characters impacted in a big way by Flashpoint. Also, he says this about changing this up from the Flashpoint in the DC Comics:

“All of that stuff is not at our disposal, which is fine with us, because we really wanted to do something personal to Barry … The stakes in the comic book in Flashpoint were global and the stakes in this episode are very much just about Barry, his existence, and the people that he loves.”