The Flash Season 3 – Could a Patty Spivot appearance happen?

If you look back at season 2 of “The Flash,” Patty Spivot was one of the more interesting and uncharacteristic love interests that the show has introduced — or really any show within the superhero genre. What made her interesting is that for the most part, all of her actions were justified. She was a good girlfriend to Barry, and everything that happened with her relationship with him seemed to be largely of his own doing thanks to his decision to not tell her that he was The Flash.

So with all of this in mind, coupled with the fact that she was a well-rounded character, we’d be glad to see her back. We don’t need her as a love interest for Barry, though, given that there could be other roles for her within the CSI unit. Or, you could find new ways to bring her in as a foil to someone else.

What we do know is that Shantel VanSanten is clearly keeping her options open. While speaking (per while at the Heroes & Villains FanFest recently in Orlando, the actress said  “there is a very strong possibility if everything works out” in terms of her return. Even if you did want to keep the Earth-1 Patty separate from a lot of the drama, couldn’t you always bring her on board in another form, as well? Maybe Earth-2 or Earth-3 Patty is a hero in a different way.

Ultimately, the good thing about “The Flash” is that many of their recurring characters are likable; it’s better to have too many actors than you can fit in than the other way around.