The Flash Season 3 – What villain could be getting their own episode?

The third season of “The Flash” is going to be premiering later this fall, and we know that there are many villains ahead. We’re finally getting Mirror Master, and to go along with that we’ll be seeing The Top, Magenta, and others make their first appearances on the show. Doctor Alchemy and Savitar are also coming at some point, but there isn’t any news yet on precisely when they will be turning up.

With that being said, though, all indications do suggest that Killer Frost, despite what happened on Earth-2 recently, could still have a role to play in the near future. Basically, finding out that “Killer Frost” is the title for the upcoming seventh episode of the season is all an exercise in careful eyesight.

In the post on Twitter below, you can see Kevin Smith announce that he is directing this episode; yet, it you look closely at what lies behind the title page, you can see “Killer Frost” written in there. We don’t think this is too huge of a secret to give away, mostly because you had to think that the character was going to be coming back eventually. Hopefully, this is a sign that Caitlin Snow on Earth-1 could be starting to become this character, given that this is what we always felt was more interesting as opposed to just having her be some villain on another Earth, one who was still redeemed in her own way.

Hopefully, we’ll now have some further insight on this particular story in the weeks ahead. The show doesn’t premiere on The CW until October.