The Good Wife – The Kings stepping down as showrunners after this season

CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller announced today at TCA that Robert and Michelle King, creators of The Good Wife, will be leaving their role as showrunners at the end of the season.

“The Kings did say they would not be returning after this year, but we have a deep bench on this show…we haven’t made any determination,” Geller told reporters. “We haven’t determined if there will be another season or not.”

Speaking to TVLine, Robert King said “The bottom line is CBS is trying to make deals for an eighth season, so we would be there in a supervisory role, but the storytelling we have will finish in the seventh year. That doesn’t mean we’re putting Alicia in her grave, because you couldn’t do an eighth season after that. But to our minds, we have always written with the idea we could end this season a certain way so that it would make it a satisfactory [conclusion to the] series.”

[su_note note_color=”#e7e7e7″ radius=”2″]SOURCE: TVLine[/su_note]