The Originals: Season 3 – Mid-Season Finale Post Mortems

Is Cami really dead? Okay, yes, she definitely looked dead. But did she have vampire blood in her system? Did Klaus wake up in enough time to save her? Can she be brought back? This is The Originals, so no death is certain. All Narducci would say was: “We’re all people who love to follow the lives of these fictional characters, and we need to see their successes, we need to see their joys, we need to see their challenges, we need to see their defeats. We need to see how they respond in the midst of utmost despair. We have to believe that there is hope and there is love and there is family and there is the devotion that we have to one another as spirits and human people. That’s the story that we’re telling.”

Furthermore, Narducci remembered a Bible verse that Cami once recited at her brother’s grave: “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness will never overcome it.” According to Narducci, “That is a core aspect of who this person is, and it’s something to keep in mind.”

On the kiss that led to tragedy. For Klamille shippers, this episode finally offered the confession they’ve been waiting for … though it was quickly followed by tragedy. That order of events wasn’t always the plan, but when the time came, it was the obvious choice. “We’ve talked a lot over the course of the past three seasons about what would be the unique relationship between this 1,000-year-old vampire and this human woman who was serving as his therapist,” Narducci said. “It was a pretty long process, a slow burn. As we talked about where it would lead, and I have to give credit to Julie [Plec], Julie felt very strongly that the tragedy of what we do in this episode would make a fantastic episode for the midseason finale. It just so happened that that horrific moment lined up perfectly with the moment of romantic realization for these two people.”

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Tidbits from set:

The Christmas cookies available at Mikaelson Christmas are a nod to Matt Hastings’ family traditions. His mom makes those exact cookies every holiday.

We welcomed Claire Holt back to set by drenching her with water and making her lie in a box in the freezing cold at midnight on a Friday. She was a trooper.

Rebecca Breeds played her own piano in Aurora’s final scene with Tristan. In this scene (with Rebecca’s parents on set visiting), the actors improvised a sweet brother-sister kiss that was decidedly Flowers in the Attic-inspired, if you catch my drift. Not that I’m against a little incest amongst villains, but this was episode 9 and we already had incest-free scripts written and shot through episode 13, so we had to cut it.

The baby cried so much during the “Happy Christmas” scene we almost had to send her to bed and let the grown-ups celebrate Christmas alone.

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  • Girlane Ribeiro