The Vampire Diaries – Kat Graham Leaving After Season 8

Following the likes of Nina Dobrev and Steven R. McQueen, another Vampire Diaries O.G. cast member might be pulling up stakes and getting the hell out of Mystic Falls. But before you freak the hell out, you should know that it won’t be happening during the current seventh season, and theoretically there’s a potential reality in which you’ll never have to watch TVD without them.

Kat Graham, who has played witch Bonnie Bennett since the series premiere in 2009, recently told U.S. Weekly that Season 8 of The CW’s long-running vampire drama would be her last with the show (and The Hollywood Reporter has since confirmed). And although there is no guarantee that The Vampire Diaries will even live beyond next season, I don’t think anyone would be all that surprised if the Salvatores and their supernatural friends went out after eight rounds. But if they don’t, and if the series comes back for Season 9 (hey, Supernatural is heading into Season 12, so anything is possible), the series will likely be a down a witch. More importantly, though, is what her exit would mean for Dobrev’s Elena, who entered a coma-like state tied to Bonnie’s life force last season when Dobrev left the series after six seasons.