The Vampire Diaries Season 8 – Michael Trevino Returning

When The Vampire Diaries fans first met Tyler Lockwood, he was the football-throwing jerk who thought he was too cool for school. But when the season 2 introduced the Lockwood family werewolf curse, things changed. Tyler started to evolve as a character, and the moment he fell in love with Caroline Forbes, the audience fell in love with him.

Six seasons later, he’d been a hybrid, a human, and a werewolf when he decided it was time to leave Mystic Falls behind. The season 6 finale marked his farewell, though he popped up briefly in season 7 as the man responsible for keeping Elena’s comatose body safe. When last we saw him, Damon — a bit out of his mind — beat him unconscious. But Tyler made it out alive.

Proof? EW can exclusively reveal that Michael Trevino is returning for the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries. First appearing in episode 3, Tyler will once again come face-to-face with Damon, except this time, Damon’s mental state is even worse as he continues to spiral out of control after his experience in the vault. Tyler will attempt to talk some sense into Damon by reminding him what and who is important, but if history is any indication, Damon’s not always eager to listen to Tyler…

Source: Entertainment Weekly