The Walking Dead – Laurie Holden Turns 46

Happy birthday, Laurie Holden! The actress is celebrating her 47th birthday today.

Holden is best known for her role as Andrea on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Her other noteworthy roles include her portrayal of Amanda Dumfries in the 2007 film, The Mist, and Adel Stanton in 2001’s The Majestic. Let’s not forget Cybil Bennett in the 2006 adaptation of Silent Hill.

Personal Quotes about The Walking Dead:

It’s a really dark, emotionally wrenching world that we’ve created on ‘The Walking Dead.’

I love my ‘Walking Dead’ family. This is the best job I ever had.

The beauty of ‘The Walking Dead’ and the beauty of being on a television show for a while, is that, it’s your backstory, it’s part of what you are, it’s what you carry with you every day.