Vikings Season 5 – Kris Holden-Ried joins cast

Sure, we know that there are still several episodes of “Vikings” still to air on History this fall, but that’s not stopping us from delivering on some early season 5 scoop!

The network announced on Friday that “Lost Girl” and “Dark Matter” alum Kris Holden-Ried has joined the show in a significant role as Eyvind, described as an “important warrior in Kattegat who decides to travel and settle his family in a new land.” That may not be the largest character description in the world, but there are some roots in history with that name. We just hesitate to connect the dots there given that this show’s version of Eyvind could occupy a very different space or be a completely different person entirely.

Like season 4 before it, the fifth season of “Vikings” is going to contain 20 episodes, which will be split into two ten-episode parts. We anticipate the show launching at some point in 2017, but beyond that it is difficult to speculate. How can we declare any certainties when talking about a show that has ten episodes still between now and then?